About me

Since April 2016

in Optical Engineering

In April 2016 I founded my own company "Dr. Helke Karen Hesse - Optical Consulting" and have been developing different optical systems since then. My main focus is optical systems design for different fields of applications, for example in industrial optics or in telescopic sights.
Additionally I am involved in various projects with focus on different tasks:
General support in project handling, conceptual studies for product development, support in transferring these conceptual ideas into market-ready products.


August 2011
to March 2016

Head of Research and Development
in a medium sized enterprise

From August 2011 to March 2016 I was responsible for the Research and Development Department of a medium sized enterprise, which emerged from the Optical Development Department after incorporation of the Mechanical Engineering Department. During these years I led, handled and successfully finalized various internal and international projects.
Among other groundbreaking developments, we developed the first hunting riflescope with a programmable illumination, and we were able to design the first and still unique military scope with a 9x zoom for operational use in the special operating forces.
A special highlight was the conception and successfull development of the first aiming device with digital projection of external devices wich could be coupled by cable or bluetooth to the scope.
This project stood out due to significant complexity since the project managment requested close and intensive collaboration with international partners and customers.
In addition to my team and project leading tasks I still actively contributed to the development within the different project teams: Further optical designs for new products, for example a zoom riflescope with an overall light transmission of more than 96%, and the mechanical engineering of small parts as well as of complete products.

September 2009
to March 2016

Assistant of the Managing Director
of a medium sized enterprise

From September 2009 to March 2016 is was Assistant of the Managing Director of a medium sized enterprise with 30% of my work time. In this role I gained detailed knowledge about all departments and processes. In particular, I took over multiple tasks from other departments. For example product management and writing of all press releases and texts for printed media like catalogs and datasheets. I also was responsible for the general press work, especially product presentations in print and digital media and supported the sales team by generating sales statistics and market analysis as well as forecasts of sales figures, pricing and the complete handling of international tenders.

January 2011
to August 2011

Head of Optical Development
in a medium sized enterprise

From January 2011 to August 2016 I established a new department for integral optical development in a medium sized enterprise.
The purpose of this department was the complete and integral development of optics, mechanics and electronics by a loss-free interaction of different specialists, which should finally lead to significantly shorter development cycles with optimized and restructured processes.

June 2009
to December 2010

Optical Design Engineer
in a medium sized enterprise

From August 2009 to December 2010 I worked as an Optical Design Engineer in a medium sized enterprise. In addition to intensive studies on theoretical basics and general concepts in optics, I designed a large number of optical systems. Amongst others were the challenging products 1-8x24 and 3-27x56 and a night vision goggle.

November 2008
to May 2009

Optical Design Engineer
at Carl Zeiss SMT

After my PhD in Mathematics I obtained a position as Optical Design Engineer at Carl Zeiss SMT. I learned the basics of optical calculations and applied this knowledge about classic optical calculations and illumination theory in different projects. Due to the economical situation, I left the company after six months and moved on to another company in the field of optics.