Optical Systems Design

During my prior work in Research and Development from 2009 to 2016, I designed and tolerated different optical systems according to specifications, I supported or performed the mechanical engineering, the preparation of drawings for mechanical and optical components according to standards, I built and tested the prototypes, and finally prepared the volume production. Amongst others these products were from the following fields of applications:

  • Riflescopes with different zoom ranges
  • Objective lenses and oculars for night vision devices
  • Optics in short wave infrared
  • Industrial optics
  • Collimators

I would like to support you with this knowledge in your development work:

  • Conceptual design of optical systems
  • Calculation of optical components or complete optical systems according to customer specifications in close cooperation with your mechanical engineering
  • Support in choosing suppliers for prototype parts and volum production parts
  • Support in planning and establishing the volume production
  • Training of employees in optical design


Project Support

As team member and later leader of the Research and Development Department I restructured and optimized development processes, shortened development cycles and sucessfully led different projects from the first conceptual idea until the customer acceptance. Among these projects were internal, trans-sectoral projects as well as large development projects with international customers and partners which were conducted within the given time and cost. In this context, standardized processses like "preliminary design phase, conceptual design phase and review, detaild design phase and critical design review" along with a clear documentation of the project were of significant importance. I would like to support your employees with this knowledge:

  • Structurizing and support of projects from the first idea to the final acceptance
  • Support of internal employees in project management
  • Support in structurizing and documenting standardized processes of project management

Projection Optics Flight Simulator


Within the field of mathematics I was intensively engaged with data analysis and simulation of technical processes and business processes. For example I performed statistical analysis and evaluation of data as well as a simulation and optimization of assembling processess together with an external partner. I would like to use this knowledge to improve your products and processes:

  • Structuring and analysis of large data amounts by statistical analysis
  • Analysis, simulation und optimization of processes