The company "Optical Consulting"

The company "Dr. Helke Karen Hesse - Optical Consulting" provides the following services for the optical industry:

  • Optical Design
  • Project support
  • Optimizing of technical processes
  • Mathematical modelling and statistics

Prior to founding my company in April 2016 I had been working in various positions in the optical industry. In my last position I was "Head of Research and Development" and "Assistant to the Managing Director" in a family operated business. By viewing all aspects of development, those from strategic planning of producs as well as those from technical development, purchasing, assembling, sales and marketing, I was able to establish "integral development" with short development cycles and high efficiency. Further information on myself and my services can be found here:

About me Services


Optical Design


In numerous projects from different fields of imaging optics I obtained sound knowledge on setup and calculation of optical systems. According to customer specifications I design the optical system in Code V or Zemax and support your company during the development process until the start of production.

Project support


For several years I have led international development projects with internal and external partners and customers. With this experience I am able to optimally support your development team during the realization of your development projects.



During my mathematical studies and my PhD thesis I dealt with different topics of simulation, optimization and statistics. Besides technical questions, evaluation and analysis of corporate data and the optimization of technical processes and production chains where of special interest.